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Art21 first featured artist Ida Applebroog in 2005
Watch the original & uncut 13 minute film online! (via Hulu)

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Own Season 3 Today: DVD or iTunes
Ida Applebroog is featured in the Art21 episode "Power" along with fellow artists Laylah Ali, Cai Guo-Qiang, and Krzysztof Wodiczko. The Season 3 DVD features 4 episodes, 18 artists, and is available from PBS and Amazon.

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"Too much or not enough" Who said it?
Ida Applebroog can't recall who said "With art it either has to be too much or not enough." We can't seem to figure out who said it either! If you know who did, please PLEASE leave a comment below.

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On the process behind these works in her studio, Ida Applebroog explains: "The photographs actually start off making art out of children’s modeling clay. When I say art, I mean just doing some very primitive-feeling sculptures. And that’s just the beginning. It’s like making art out of art and continuing the process all the way through. For the first time, technology is at my service when I go from working with the material to the next step and the next." Read the full interview (Art21 on PBS).

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Take a closer look at Ida Applebroog's "Photogenetics" series on the artist's website, described as: "A series of images produced through the crossbreeding of photography, sculpture, Technology and painting. Individual images evolve from a photograph of a sculpture, which establishes a genealogical index of each subject."

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Ida Applebroog's Collection
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Exclusive Episode #064: Ida Applebroog discusses her life as an "image scavenger" in her New York studio, while working on her "Photogenetics" series—a blend of photography, sculpture, painting and digital media.

Ida Applebroog propels her paintings and drawings into the realm of installation by arranging and stacking canvases in space, exploding the frame-by-frame logic of comic-book and film narrative into three-dimensional environments. Strong themes in her work include gender and sexual identity, power struggles, and the pernicious role of mass media in desensitizing the public to violence.

Learn more about Ida Applebroog:

VIDEO | Producer: Wesley Miller & Nick Ravich. Interview: Susan Sollins. Camera & Sound: Mead Hunt and Merce Williams. Editor: Mary Ann Toman . Artwork Courtesy: Ida Applebroog.

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00:00:10 The nice part about making art is someone once said this, I don't remember who said it, with art it has to be either too much or not enough. And right now I am not at the not enough stage anymore.

00:00:23 I'm at the point where it's too much and it’s feeling very good. I have been a image scavenger for some many years that there is no magazine that I don’t go through

00:00:33 and pick away as I once had at the doctor’s office and the dentist’s office were really terrified of me as I screwed up all their magazines

00:00:42 and always tearing out pages from them. I will read anything. I mean I devour from James Joyce to The Inquirer, TV, Jerry Springer to PBS.

00:00:53 The same with movies. I'll see the worst schlocky movies that hollywood puts out, on the other hand I will also go see animated films for children. It's like this hunger of having to touch everything

00:01:05 and it all feeds me. No matter what I see, no matter what I do, it all feeds me and I don't go out there to feed myself. I go out there because it’s just good to touch all that stuff.