Lincoln Schatz's generative portraits of nineteen leading American innovators, known collectively as "Esquire's Portrait of the Twenty-First Century," were created in 2008 on commission from the magazine. The portraits are on view at the National Portrait Gallery, as part of the "Americans Now" exhibition, August 20, 2010 -- July 10, 2011. Each of theses sitters—representing leadership in the realms of business, medicine, science, technology, and the arts—sat for his or her portrait for one hour in the artist's ten-by-ten-foot "Cube," during which time they participated in activities of personal interest. The Cube is embedded with twenty-four cameras, each of which recorded the sitter from a different angle. The ever-changing "generative portrait" that results consists for the footage from each camera played back for different durations and in different sequences, creating a representation that is analogous to a personal encounter with these individuals. Interview by Jesse Rhodes, Smithsonian Magazine


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