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The ceramics cabinets in Loca Miraculi are divided into five themes. The White Earth cabinet is a treatise on the use of England's finest white clay to mimic Chinese porcelain. The Flora and Fauna cabinet is a treatise on the close observation of birds, vegetables, and plants of all kinds, as well as their re-creation in clay. The Blue and White cabinet is a treatise on the English obsession with Asian porcelain and the strange domestic vessels they decorated with exotic motifs. The Fossils and Agates cabinet is a treatise on the public fascination with geology that cause images of fossils, agate stones, and other rocks to decorate polite treasures. The Life Studies cabinet is a treatise on replicating shells, insects, and small mammals in clay and metal to bring Nature's wonders into the home. Loca Miraculi is an exhibition at the Milwaukee Art Museum.


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